The Magic Show

The Medusa Chronicles - episode 11

?Hey, what?s that over there??

Rebecca looked from the park map to where Harriet was pointing. There was a large crowd gathered around a small stage. She couldn?t see what the act of stage was doing, however. ?Well,? she told her two friends, ?let?s go see, shall we??

What they found was a magic show, being performed by a young woman in a black leotard. They managed to get fairly close to the stage, and stood back to watch as the woman went through her act. Rebecca had to admit that the magician was very good. Try as she might, she honestly couldn?t see how a single trick was done.

After a few minutes, the two large shirtless men who worked as the woman?s assistants rolled a large rectangular shaped object to the center of the stage. Rebecca tried to see what it was, but one of those damned clothes that all magicians?s used to hide their secrets covered it completely.

The lady magician moved to stand in front of the covered prop. ?Okay, now,? she announced to the audience. ?For this next trick, I?m going to need a little help from someone out there. Who?d like to help me out??

  1. Rebecca volunteers.
  2. No, Diane does.
  3. Harriet beats them both to the punch.)
  4. Rick shows up at that point.
  5. Another member of the audience pushes past all of them.
  6. Something else, of course.
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