Baby Becky

The Medusa Chronicles - episode 1462

"Er, thank you," Rebecca said rather dubiously. As she put the outfit on, she asked: "Aren't I going to cause something of a scene if I go outside the shop wearing this." "I really wouldn't know. Here, don't forget your bottle and rattle." The bottle seemed to be full of milk. Surely the milk would have gone off if the outfit had been in the shop for any length of time? Rebecca had the uncomfortable feeling that the whole shop and its merchandise had been laid on just for her benefit - if benefit was the right word, but she could hardly leave the shop nude.

"Can't I leave the bottle and rattle behind?" she asked. "Not unless you wish to leave the shop naked. You take the whole outfit or none of it." So she reluctantly took the rattle in one hand and the bottle in the other. After all, she told herself, she could always discard them as soon as she left the shop.

Once outside the shop:

  1. She saw a man wheeling an enormous empty pram, who told her to get in.
  2. She attempted to drop the bottle and the rattle, but...
  3. She found to her astonishment that she wasn't on a street, as she had expected, but inside a...
  4. A man spoke to her, and she found to her astonishment that she could only reply in baby talk.
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