Dressed to Thrill

The Medusa Chronicles - episode 1463

"I can't possibly wear that!" Rebecca protested. The old man shrugged his shoulders. "It's either that or nothing. Your choice." Put like that, it wasn't too hard for Rebecca to make her mind up, and she put on the bright red microdress. The man had said it was in her size, but it seemed to her that it was actually meant for someone a size smaller. Oh well, at least with no underwear she wouldn't be showing a panty line. "What about shoes?" she asked. The man tossed her a pair of highly polished black high heels, and she put them on.

Rather nervously, she exited the shop, to find herself:

  1. On a street full of very high class shops.
  2. In what looked like a very seedy neighbourhood.
  3. In a surprisingly rural locale.
  4. Somewhere very strange indeed.
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