A Cure worse than the Disease?

The Medusa Chronicles - episode 498


Diane screamed, firing an arrow into the still-opened mouth of the stonemange that had just struck her friend. A gurgling scream, and the beast toppled over, lifeless. But its work was done, and a dull gray was spreading from a spot on Rebecca's left thigh, moving quickly up and down her leg.

"Just...just hang on, Becky!" Diane cried as she knelt down and held her friend tightly

"Ironic, isn't it?" Rebecca managed a weak laugh, "I never dabbled in drugs because I was afraid that what I'd be like if I got stoned."

"Just hold on, Becky, we'll get you out of this," Diane looked up, startled by the silence around her; just in time to see Harriet rushing towards them

"What happened?" Harriet asked, not seeing that had happened to Rebecca at first glance. "Oh my god! One of them got her!"

"Harriet, can you do anything for her?" Diane asked. The gray stone was spreading over her friend's taught stomach, the well-defined musculature becoming even more noticeable.

"I-I don't know," Harriet replied. "No...no, I can't reverse it. But I may be able to slow it down enough that we can get help for her."

"Jus-just do something, Harriet," Rebecca said in a halting, gasping voice as the gray grew to spread across her breasts. "I don't want... to end up as another... lawn ornament; too many around here... now."

Diane held onto her friend, crying enough tears for the both of them. Harriet simply stood straight, closed her eyes for a moment then began to speak in a strange, lilting tongue. As she continued her chant, her fingers began to trace arcane symbols in the air; leaving silvery shimmerings that glimmered for a moment before the vanished. Slowly, a bluish glow grew around Rebecca, glowing ever brighter and brighter. As it did, the rapidly spreading gray stone slowed and eventually stopped.

However, because Diane held such a tight grip on her friend, the glow spread to her as well and, in moments, the pair were completely enveloped in the glow...

And completely immobilized!

"Harriet? What happened to them?" Rick asked, "What did you do to them?"

"Becky got hit by a stonemange," The blonde mage said, "I don't know any spells to reverse the affect. But I knew a spell that would greatly slow down the flow of time; almost to a complete stand-still. I used it on Becky; but Diane was still holding onto her and got caught up in the affect."

"Can you stop the spell?" He asked as Tascia came over to join them; several of the surviving elves surrounding the group.

"Yes, but Rebecca would turn into stone if I did that. This way, there's a chance we can find something to stop or reverse the stonemange's touch."

"But how are we going to do that?"

  1. Rick tries to use the amulet he is wearing
  2. One of the elves mentions a legend that may offer a cure
  3. There is no cure; they'll have to defeat the evil and hope that will do the trick
  4. Something else entirely
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