The Arcade's Pro Room

The Medusa Chronicles - episode 536

"Glad that you came back, Rick. As always you are still welcome," says Mr. Z. "I hope you can break that record on Q-Bert that you set last summer."

Rick looked at the waiting Q-Bert machine and he remember playing 24 hours straight for exactly 12,109,305 points. He wasn't exactly sure that he wanted to set his own record by playing over 24 hours. He heard that the all-time record was 24,000,000 which he estimates will take him 48 hours to play.

"Why don't you go for it?" said Diane. The three of us can explore the rest of the mall while you play.

"No way am I staying at this mall for 24 hours!" said Rebecca. "But you can play and we'll drive your car home."

Rick pondered what to do.

  1. Rick decides to play Q-Bert for 50 hours.
  2. Rick decides to play a different game.
  3. Rick decides to turn around and forget the Arcade.
  4. Rick decides just to watch the girls play.
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Josh Bieber

Sun Aug 27 21:08:07 2000