Caught! And about to be punished.

The Medusa Chronicles - episode 790

Harriet and Rebecca are quickly handcuffed.

"The penalty for entering an unauthorized area of the Museum is that both of you will be turned into statues," said one of the security guards.

Both girls gasped.

"What? Being punished without trial?" snapped Rebecca.

"Yup!" said the guard.

The girls are then gagged and led to a waiting area where they had to wait their turn to be turned into statues.

  1. The girls' turn to be turned into statues happens an hour later.
  2. Harriet manages to ungag herself and tries to talk a waiting guard into letting her go.
  3. Rick shows up and rescues the girls.
  4. Rick and Diane show up, gagged and handcuffed, also to be turned into statues.
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Josh Bieber

Sat Aug 12 01:40:43 2000