Rebecca takes off!

The Medusa Chronicles - episode 86

That was the car engine that was starting.

"That's my car!" said Harriet as she looked at both Rick and Diane.

"Where's Rebecca?" asked Diane.

The three of them realized that Rebecca must have driven off in the car, especially when Harriet left the keys in the ignition.

"How are we going to get out of here?" moaned Harriet. "There's no way to contact the outside world and the nearest neighbor is 15 miles away!"

"Why would Rebecca do this to us?" asked Rick. "After all, we are her friends."

  1. Rebecca suddenly showed up asking who drove off in Harriet's car.
  2. Rebecca was simply heading to the store to buy some more provisions.
  3. Rebecca was actually leaving her friends behind and going off to an amusement park by herself.
  4. The car stalled and Rebecca was caught red-handed.
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Josh Bieber

Fri Sep 22 22:44:03 2000